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Vision: Happiness.

How would the world look like if everyone was able to unfold their true potential?
That is exactly what we want to know.
This is why we founded millionways.
To change our lives and our world.

The question.

  • We believe that individual fulfilment leads to happiness, and the happiness of each individual is the key to a peaceful and more productive society.
  • The question was: What do people need, to do exactly what they want in their lives and what was holding them back until now.
  • This was not to be researched theoretically, but practically by listening to the people affected, since this question is as complex as the human himself.
  • Between 2013 and 2016, millionways became acquainted too ver 6.000 unique, German-speaking people through one-hour telephonic interviews


The answer.

  • The most important finding: Many people do not know their talents and that their skills can be valuable.
  • Those, who do know about them either never find a way to realize them, or do so only by chance. They are missing contact which help them get a foot in the door and also contact to other people who share their interests and goals.
  • It also became apparent that most people do not need to realize their passions in their primary job – a project with likeminded people would be sufficient.


The solution.

  • millionways connected every interviewed person. This matching combined people with similar goals, but complementary talents. As a result new teams were created on a daily basis, forming meaningful friendships and numerous projects.
  • These interviews were able to form a database on one hand, and on the other hand a unique know-how about how to bring people together who could create something new.


We call it Potentialism. 2017 will bring the next big step. Stay with us.

Do you recognize yourself?
Join us.