In Movement (German)

In Letters

What is your motivation?

Social commitment - arts and culture - exchange of talents - product and service opportunities…all that and and a million more can finally be fit together.

Why millionways?

It’s the most angular, most beautiful and most versatile (adoptive) child of all. The most effective network of people with politics, economy and everything else that is out there - it’s authentic, appealing and profitable for everyone involved…it’s the invention of a service and idea platform and dream factory put together!

What has your life been so far?

Sometimes crazy - sometimes on the wrong track, but always at full speed…!
 Im-/export of belts and circular knitting needles, odd-jobs in road construction, container stacker at the port, purchasing and sales of everything non-edible for EDEKA, insurance guy of all shades all the way to the apathetic maximum tax rate payer.
Searching for the meaningful instead of the senseless, inspiring of enthusiasm instead of crushing it, passionate instead of rational vocation.

And your free time…

Child’s play times 3, fresh sea air and physical activity for my big-block athlete’s heart of fighting fists and playful feet - also daringly high in the air or deep under the sea.

Dates and Figures

Date of Birth

22nd July 1966


Standing solid and speeding up the game.

Non-talents Discovered in Life

Lack of humor and handiwork, collecting receipts and ice skating.

Check this out

The relevance within the irrelevant.