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Beta phase: Special rate for early birds

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Registration is now possible again for a limited number of participants.
If you become a member now, for a one-time-payment of 49 EUR you'll get (there are no further obligations, memberships or costs!):

  • A scientific personality test including detailed results as PDF. Developed together with our scientific director Prof. David Scheffer (link only German so far).

  • A one-hour phone-interview with one of our trained consultants. This is based on empathy and intuition and complements the scientifically based test.

  • Subsequent matching to suitable people or projects who understand you and complement you at the same time.

  • On request: Discounted membership for three months in our new platform (starting in 2018) - of course you do not commit to anything at the moment.

This offer is limited for capacity reasons. Economically we can offer our service only from 149 EUR, which will then be divided into a monthly payment. But for the people who get to know us today, we love to offer this special action :-)

The process

  • Sign up for your membership today

  • In the following week you will receive the links to the test by e-mail. This takes about ten minutes and is done online. Immediately afterwards you will receive the results of the personality test as a PDF.

  • You will receive the link to the appointment agreement a few days after you have completed the test.

  • After our telephone conversation it will take a few weeks until we send you your personal matching. At the moment we still do everything manually and with many volunteers.

  • Who knows, maybe then - all of a sudden - your life will change.

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