The History

millionways is best explained through it’s creation because none of this was planned…

When years ago, Martin and his “perceived” sister, Anna, (then in their early twenties) were searching for work from home, they realized that there may have been a big need of it, but there were no appropriate nor respectable offers. So they decided to form a respective company themselves. Their interest back then was basic: Definitely not having to do a “normal job.”

Their quite unconventional, partly naive charisma and a high degree of impartiality quickly earned them customers and printers and later on major companies. For them they folded presentation files, stamped page numbers and completed works made by hand which could not be done by machines. However the more exiting part is not the obvious. So they often wondered why they were trusted so much, that they were given the keys to the company offices over night - looking back, it must have simply been authenticity and sympathy. Thus their workload increased and soon Martin and Anna were able to employ their first workers. 

This experience, as well as many others, demonstrated the same thing to Martin over and over again: Something about today’s structure isn’t working right. There were so many valuable people with great talents and stories who were now folding files at their homes. But their only drive for working had become the money instead of passion and motivation. 

This sad state become a topic between Martin and many different people - out of pure interest, with no goal or plan in mind. His motivation was another one at that time: From early childhood on, he was interested in people, even created little magazines about the topic at the age of eight. Yet, he always felt alone in his views and feelings…later he was more and more realizing that others felt the same way. He talked to homeless people, billionaires, students, companies, even prostitutes, criminals and many “cast-outs.”

Over the years, his observations and insights grew to become the millionways idea.

This was also made possible because his conversational partners gave him real input and some also wanted to help creating change. 

In the following years, they experienced recurring minor and major setbacks - in 2008 Martin nearly became homeless himself and to protect his idea even had to reject financing from dubious investors. Understanding and support were lacking during this time. But he never swayed from one conviction: An idea, that is the right one, cannot fail! 

As of 2012, millionways began to become more connected and also more concrete and tangible. The main team grew as well and pushed the idea onwards with passion and enthusiasm. In 2012 the millionways foundation and the millionways AG were founded. 

In February 2013, millionways went public in cooperation with its managing partner Kader Kesek (read his story here).

The dreams, ideas, skills and stories of the people are to be the foundation of the company. And from then on, the story can be continued. And everyone can be a part of it, no matter if it’s a company, an employee, a supporter or someone with an idea. There is a million ways - show us yours!



In Movement (German)

Dates and Figures

Date of Birth

24th February 1984


Impartiality, identifying potentials, looking over impossibilities. 

Non-talents Discovered in Life

Sympathy with conventions and building up walls.

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Feelings hidden beneath the surface.