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Dr.Dr. Gert Mittring, born in 1966, is a grand master of mental calculation and has won the Mind Sports Olympiad nine times. He is a certified computer specialist and holds doctorates in psychology and education and he runs a diagnostic center for the highly gifted in Bonn. At millionways he furthers the 
passion for mathematics. 

Gert Mittring became well-know through his Spiegel-bestseller “Rechnen mit dem Weltmeister” (Calculating With the World Champion), as well as his appearances on TV programs such as Stern TV, 3 nach 9, TV Total, Nachtcafé and Mittagsmagazin. His latest book, entitled “Fit im Kopf” (the mind in shape) was published in the summer of 2013. 

In various works he discusses subjects of mathematics and takes position on issues of giftedness. Because of his pleasant and understandable language, companies and also organizers of educational tours seek him as a keynote speaker and guest in panel discussions. He is a highly respected coach and leader of seminars and describes computational strategies in very understandable ways. 

It’s an experience for everyone who enjoys thinking and the challenges of numerical problems. But also for those who don’t understand numbers or fear them. Learn to like numbers and even to handle large numbers and complicated problems with ease. 

Gert Mittring is a full member of the DGPs (German Association of Psychology). His research focus is in the fields of education and psychology, especially the research of the phenomenon of intellectual giftedness. His special interest lies in the assessment of intelligence tests. 

Being an algorithm developer and talent researcher with a special interest in neuroscience, he advises companies in mathematical problems and questions concerning intellectual giftedness. His international workshops are highly sought after by companies, executives, teachers and students alike.