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What is your motivation?

It’s an incredibly fantastic feeling to be able to do what I enjoy and be valued for my skills! It gives me the strength to motivate others!

Why millionways?

I am a good fit for millionways and millionways for me! I am very happy that I actually do the work I enjoy, that suits me and constantly offers new challenges. I am a prime example. For years I have gone through many jobs. On the first day, I am usually the best, thirsting for action. On the last day, I am usually invisible. I just have to do what I like and enjoy - and you can actually combine millionways with any private interest. It is wonderful that at millionways the people and their happiness come first. 

What about life gets you exited?

The ocean. Its power. It’s never the same, constantly changing.
 Playing the piano. Then I am like the ocean. I always play expressing my feelings. 
Animals, horses especially. Animals act instinctively. We have forgotten how to do that, even though it is what keeps us moving forward. 
I need change, only then I can do my best. Anything monotonous, isn’t for me. I like to get to know new people out of pure interest - listening to and understanding life stories, how people think, that’s what fascinates me. 

What does work mean to you?

Work is a difficult term. We no longer live in an age requiring hard physical work - when cooked dinner was on the table with entire family there waiting. After dinner, they watched TV and then, going to bed, they knew their day’s work - positively speaking. Today most people just have to function and their results aren’t appreciated. That’s exhausting. Most people are not well and they don’t know why. As work takes up most of the day, we should do what makes us happy at the end of the day. To me, work is a task that doesn’t have to be easy but that I enjoy completing. 

Dates and Figures

Date of Birth

March 4th, 1984


Spreading joy. 

Non-talents Discovered in Life

Monotonous work (it just doesn’t get done).

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